The Signature Of Jesus

The Signature Of Jesus by Brennan Manning

My introduction to the books of Brennan Manning was quite interesting. I had never heard of him before the Family Camp of 2005. A pastor in the cottage next to ours was reading a book written by Manning and recommended his books to me. I gave it little thought since I was not looking for a book at the time but filed the name in the back of my feeble mind. Then in early September another pastor e-mailed me and asked me if I had ever read anything by Brennan Manning. Surely the Lord had something He wanted me to read. The second pastor was kind enough to send me The Signature Of Jesus.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is “if the Christian beliefs inherited from our family and passed on to us by our church tradition are not grounded in a shattering, life–changing experience of Jesus as the Christ, then the chasm between our creedal statements and our faith-experience widens and our witness is worthless. The gospel will persuade no one unless it has so convicted us that we are transformed by it.”

I do have one problem with this quote. It doesn’t make me feel good. Having been raised in the church, I wonder if I have stepped out for Jesus as I should have or have I sat back, believing in Jesus but not acting and following into that life changing experience? Have I just become a comfortable Christian?

I also like the following quote. “Fear breeds a deadening caution, a holding back, a stagnant waiting until people no longer can recall what they are waiting for or saving themselves for. When we fear failure more than we love life, when we are dominated by thoughts of what we might have been rather than by thoughts of what we might become, when we are haunted by the disparity between our ideal self and our real self, when we are tormented by guilt, shame, remorse, and self-condemnation, we deny our faith in the God of love. When God calls us to break camp, abandon the comfort and security of the status quo, and embark in perilous freedom on the journey to a new Canaan, and we procrastinate out of fear, this represents not only a decision to remain in Haran, but also a lack of trust.”

The only problem I had with the book is when he talks about the nuclear problems in our world today. Since I am proud to be an American and believe that we are a country formed by God I have a little trouble going along with the turn your cheek thing when it comes to major conflicts in our world. The book also dives a little too deep at times and seemed to me to get a little long winded in the middle but the first couple of chapters alone are well worth the price of admission.

My overall opinion of this book is that it is very, very thought provoking, it will make you search your inner soul to determine just how close to Christ you are.

The chapters in The Signature Of Jesus include:

Form Haran to Cannan
The Signature of Jesus
Power and Wisdom
Fools for Christ
Discipleship Today
Paschal Spirituality
Celebrate the Darkness
The Love of Jesus
The Discipline of the Secret
The Courage to Risk
Grabbing Aholt of God
Lazarus Laughed

The Signature of Jesus

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