Sinner is the third book in Dekker’s Paradise Novels series, following Showdown and Saint.

Sinner could be read before the other two books in the series, but it would be best to read them in order to understand the entire story.

This book is set in the future and that future may not be that far off. In the book, the year 2033 puts the US in a position of tolerance with regards to all religions. This tolerance grew to the point where stating the facts of Christianity became a crime. Although the book is very good, the scariest part of this book may be the signs of how this very situation seems to be drawing close in this country today. I couldn’t get past the parallels to current affairs as I was reading.

Sinner puts Billy and Darcy from Project Showdown and Johnny from both Showdown and Saint back in the little town of Paradise to meet once again with Marsuvees Black.

The plot twists in this book reach back into both of the previous books and were unexpected and the ultimate showdown ensues.

The Christian themes run strong throughout, even more so than the previous two books in the series with Biblical scripture interwoven into the story.

I highly recommend Sinner, although it is fiction, it may be our future.

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