Some Kind Of Zombie
Audio Adrenaline

After owning and enjoying a couple of Audio Adrenaline CD's I purchased Some Kind Of Zombie. I had like the CD's that I had and wanted to hear more of their older music. This CD didn't disappoint me.

Audio Adrenaline is just good old fast paced rock and roll with some fun mixed in with the Christian lyrics.

Chevette starts the CD off with a bang and somehow I relate to this song, maybe it's because I remember the good old Chevette.

My favorite song on the CD is Lighthouse. It has an interesting variation in pace and the lyrics are fantastic.

"If it wasn't for the lighthouseWhere would my life beOn a ship bound for nowhereOn an unforgiving seaI thank God for the Light"

I also like God-Shaped Hole. I've felt for years that we all have this God-Shaped Hole that we try to fill with other things and here was a song that spoke what I had felt. This isn't a hard rocking song but I like the message.

"All around the world people are tryingDeserted souls cry to be filledSpirits left undone their hearts are hollowI can see, in their eyes, hollow lives"

Any Audio Adrenaline fan will like this CD as well as those that like good Christian centered fun rock.

Song titles on the CD include:

New Body
Some Kind Of Zombie
Original Species
People Like Me
God-Shaped Hole

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Some Kind Of Zombie

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