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Sun Valley Indian School

In January of 1963, God made the dream of Gertrude Jones a reality. Sun Valley Indian School opened its doors for the first day of classes. A handful of students started classes that year. And now, years later, Sun Valley Indian School is a campus consisting of 72 acres and 32 buildings.

Gertrude Jones' dream was to provide a school that would make a difference in the lives of children from various reservations. This school would be committed to providing children with a quality Christian education. This is still the dream of Sun Valley Indian School today. The school provides a clean, warm, and safe boarding school environment, where the children live under the loving and prayerful care of dedicated dorm parents. The children and their dorm parents participate in regular devotions, special field trips and occasional parties. The children also learn about being responsible by sharing in dorm chores.

At SVIS they have chosen to focus their ministry on the Navajo Nation, both academically and spiritually. The foundation of Sun Valley Indian School is Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for all people. The children participate in chapel and daily Bible classes. They learn about Jesus' love and His desire to be their best friend. They also learn that He offers hope and help for living a good life.

Sun Valley Indian School is located in northeastern Arizona. It is approximately 95 miles east of Flagstaff, Arizona, and 95 miles west of Gallup, New Mexico. If you would like to learn more about the school visit the Website a .

Sonlight Missions is sending its second work and witness team to Sun Valley Indian School in 2005. The team will be involved in multiple projects around the campus; including possible landscaping, dorm renovation, painting, participation in and leading worship services. In Matthew 28:19 & 20, Christ admonishes us to, "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Sonlight Missions is dedicated to following this command by giving practicing Christians and opportunity to minister to others through work and witness. They believe that short-term sacrifices provide eternal rewards.

You can find out more about Sonlight Missions and the trip they have planned at . Please consider joining them as they seek to meet physical and spiritual needs with the love of Christ.

Note: A friend from our local church wrote this for me. She went on a trip with Sonlight Missions in early 2005 and is scheduled to return again. Before going on her first trip she stated that she thought that she didn’t have any skills to offer but stepped out in faith. (Those of us who knew her knew that she had plenty to offer.) While on here mission trip she realized that God had a place for her after all. He can do the same for you.

These are pictures of some of the kids at the school.

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