Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor is authored by Philip Yancey who has become one of my favorite authors and he has not disappointed me with this book.

This book is a compilation of chapters each dedicated to someone who influenced Yancey’s faith in God.

These individuals include: Martin Luther King Jr., G. K. Chesterton, Dr. Paul Brand, Dr. Robert Coles, Leo Tolstoy and Feodor Dostoevsky, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. C. Everett Koop, John Donne, Annie Dillard, Frederick Buechner, Shusaku Endo, and Henri Nouwen.

The inside book cover states: “He tells the story of his own struggle to reclaim belief, interwoven with inspiring portraits of notable people from all walks of life, whom he calls his spiritual directors. Soul Survivor is his tribute to thirteen remarkable individuals, mentors who transformed his life and work”.

Each chapter details the influence that each individual and/or their writings had on Yancey. As could be expected some chapters held my interest more than others but they are all very good reading. It was interesting how God used these often soiled and less than perfect people to do his work. Although, like them, we will never be perfect we can still continue to strive to glorify God in our world of influence. God doesn’t take the perfect and use them, He takes us broken souls and uses and refines us.

I think there is a lot to learn from Soul Survivor. It’s sure to make you think, unless you are already sinless.

Soul Survivor

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