The Source of Miracles

7 Steps To Transforming Your Life Through The Lord's Prayer

The Source of Miracles is written by Kathleen McGowan.

The Source of Miracles is based on the Lord's Prayer and did a great job leading me through a new look at this prayer. In the end though, I thought that this book was more than just a new look at prayer. It also made me look at my life as a Christian as well.

This was an interesting book and did well holding my attention although it did not cause me to lose a lot of sleep due to reading late into the night.

It is my opinion that this book is a good book for those who are already believing Christians. The book has some wording that could be controversial and if read by a non-Christian or young Christian it could lead to some confusion. I found it interesting that some different words were used but the thoughts were largely fundamental Christian. There are also quotes from gospels not included in the New Testament and although I do not have a problem reading quotes from these books, and I have read some of them myself, it could be misleading for those not already familiar with these books in their entirety.

I would recommend The Source of Miracles to believers. It will stretch your thinking and give you a new look at the Lord's Prayer.

Chapter titles include:
Introduction – The Lord's Prayer
The Mystery of the Rose with Six Petals
How to Use This Book
What Is Prayer?
The First Petal – Faith
The Second Petal – Surrender
The Third Petal – Service
The Fourth Petal – Abundance
The Fifth Petal – Forgiveness
The Sixth Petal – Overcoming Obstacles
The Center of the Rose – Love
Final Thoughts: What Would Jesus Do?

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