Spiritual Hug

Author: Bruce Cook

One day when I was really tired and things just were not going right for me at all, I stopped for a while to rest. For some reason, in my mind, I said Lord I need a spiritual hug right about now. All at once I felt this warm feeling starting at my head and coming down over my entire body as if I was enclosed in it. It gave me a feeling of comfort and peace that I can hardly find words to explain.

There have been times since then that I have felt close to the Lord and I have asked for a spiritual hug for reassurance and have had the same experience of love and warmth each time.

My wife, a country girl, is the type of person that hugs a lot of people when she greets or says good-bye to them, and most people seem to like it. But I have never been much of a hugging type of person outside of my family, and even then not until later in life. I guess that is because I wasn’t raised hugging and being hugged.

I asked her one-day if she had ever had a spiritual hug. I think it kind of surprised her, and she said that she hadn’t. I told her to try it some time and I explained my experience to her.

I believe that you must concentrate upon the Lord for this to happen. When I do I can almost feel His very presence. It is a real comfort in times of need to pick you up and get you going again, because there seems to be a comforting, peaceful, reassuring power in it. Draw yourself close to the Lord and ask for a spiritual hug and see if you’re not surprised by the results.

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