The Sure Way To Him

What Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do In Your Lifetime?

The Sure Way To Him is a book written by Craig T. Feigh that focuses on making sure of your eternal future.

I feel that this is a good book for new Christians or those that may have warmed church pews for years but have never been confident of their salvation and place in eternity. For those whose eyes have just been opened to the saving grace of Jesus Christ there is a lot of great information on how the rest of their life here on earth should look and all of this information is backed up by scripture.

I think that this book is a good guide for those who have just found God and it can be a great help in taking the next steps of drawing closer to God.

For those new to God this is a great book for helping you take the next steps. For committed Christians this book is a reminder of how we should live our lives for God.

The Sure Way To Him

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