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Taste Of Heaven

by Dana Huffman

In the book of Exodus God's people were in a bad situation. They were captive to Pharaoh and bullied by the Egyptians. But God rescued them miraculously. He told them he would lead them to freedom, a place "flowing with milk and honey." Promised land. To get there though, God's people had to pass thru a desert. It wasn't easy. The people had to trust God for every single thing. One day they nearly had a panic attack shouting, "You led us into this desert to starve and die!" They grumbled and whined. They lost sight of the promise.

But God was merciful. He responded by sending his people a special food directly from heaven. Manna. It came with a promise too. A promise that it would be there for the eating every single day. In the mornings God's people gathered the manna they needed for the day. Before the Sabbath they gathered double. Because God wanted his people to have a day of total rest. The bible says that manna tasted like honey. Isn't that neat? Every single day God gave his people a little taste, a sweet reminder, of what was ahead for them--- a "milk and honey" land, a prepared promised place.

God does that for us too-- gives us an opportunity to eat daily something heaven sent. Remember to gather it and taste the coming glory.

"O taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalms 34:8 KJV

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