The Applause Of Heaven

The Applause Of Heaven, written by Max Lucado, is based on the sermon on the mount. Now I know that the sermon on the mount is generally considered one of the tougher teachings of Jesus, but Max puts a good light on it and brings it alive for us.

Each chapter deals with a different subject, so this book isn’t one that keeps you turning pages to see “the rest of the story”, but it does keep you turning pages to see what story will be next.

My favorite chapters were Nice Palace but No King and The Kingdom Worth Dying For.

A quote from Nice Palace but No King; “The temple builders and the Savior seekers. You’ll find them both in the same church, on the same pew – at times, even in the same suit. One sees the structure and says, ‘What a great church.’ The other sees the Savior and says, ‘What a great Christ!’ Which do you see?”

From The Kingdom Worth Dying For; “That is the unique characteristic of the new kingdom. Its subjects don’t work in order to go to heaven; they work because they are going to heaven. Arrogance and fear are replaced with gratitude and joy.”

The Appluase Of Heaven is good book that I think you will enjoy.

The chapters include the following:
Sacred Delight
His Summit
The Affluent Poor
The Kingdom of the Absurd
The Prison of Pride
Touches of Tenderness
The Glory in the Ordinary
The Bandit of Joy
A Satisfied Thirst
Life in the Pits
The Father in the Face of the Enemy
The State of the Heart
Nice Palace but No King
Seeds of Peace
The Greasy Pole of Power
The Dungeon of Doubt
The Kingdom Worth Dying For
The Applause of Heaven

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