The Beautiful Letdown

I’m afraid I can’t remember why I bought The Beautiful Letdown but whatever the reason; it has become one of my favorites.

The Beautiful Letdown is not a heavy rock CD. It’s the CD most likely to take me back to the days of listening to the Cars with its wide variety of musical instruments and other sounds used to produce the music. It is a rapless and screamless CD.

This CD is a good one for the worship service on your way to work.

My favorite song is I Dare You To Move. I like to put on my headphones and close my eyes and soak this one in. Take a look at the lyrics.

Another favorite is the title track. It’s another good headphone song.

The initial song, Meant To Live, although my favorite is a nice start to the CD. It has a nice gritty guitar quality that catches your attention right from the start.

My kids and I like the song titled Gone. It’s a catchy tune with a nice beat that we like singing along to.

The last song on the CD, Twenty Four, slows the tempo down and loses my interest, but the good lyrics are able to keep me from shutting it off early. I’ve found this in some other CD’s as well. A song that would be too slow can hold me when the lyrics or the message is good.

The Beautiful Letdown is not as hard as some of the other CD’s that I like to listen to. Switchfoot is softer than Skillet and rocks more than the Newsboys. My wife will listen to this one. It is a good cross between the harder rock and the more easy listening stuff that can probably satisfy both tastes.

If you would like a moderate pop/rock CD to listen to with you kids The Beautiful Letdown is good one.

Song Titles included are:

Meant To Live
This Is Your Life
More Than Fine
I Dare You To Move
The Beautiful Letdown
On Fire
Adding To The Noise
Twenty Four

Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown

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