The Circle Trilogy
Black Red White

Three Novels. Two Worlds. One Story.

The Circle Trilogy - Black, Red and White, three novels written by Ted Dekker combine to make a thrilling trilogy.

The back cover of the book describes the three books, in short, as the following.

Black – “An incredible story of evil and rescue, betrayal and love, and a terrorist threat unlike anything the human race has ever known.”

Red - “In one world, Thomas Hunter is a battle-scarred general commanding an army of primitive warriors. In the other, he’s racing to outwit sadistic terrorists intent on creating global chaos through an unstoppable virus.”

White - “Thomas Hunter has only days to survive two separate realms of danger, deceit, and destruction.”

The Circle Trilogy is a fascinating look at two worlds, good and evil and high suspense. I would not call it the best of Dekker’s books that I have read, but it is very good. This book was very hard to put down each evening. I was surprised how fast I was able to read the 1182 pages that the trilogy covered.

I also like to pull out the biblical parallels in each of Dekker’s books, but this book is full of them.

I think you will find this book very interesting as it pulls you along if you are a fan of good Christian fiction.

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Circle Trilogy

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