The Cure

By: Dana Huffman

In the book, In His Image, Dr. Brand tells how his older daughter had a severe case of measles. Dr. Brand knew his older daughter would survive, but feared for his infant daughter's life. Word was spread throughout the village that Dr. Brand's family needed the blood of an overcomer, someone who had battled measles and survived. Someone was found. His blood was drawn out and a serum was made. The infant daughter received the serum and was saved.

I have this disease called sin. It's serious. It's working death in me all the time. It's taking me down. I am sick with things like jealousy, lust, boasting, greed, unforgiveness and fear. But, before I was even born word went out that Dana needs the blood of an overcomer. That word reached heaven and someone was sent, someone who fought and won every battle against sin, someone who overcame death. His name was Jesus. On Calvary Jesus poured out His precious blood for me. By faith I receive that blood. I am saved.

Jesus said, "This is my blood… poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins."Matthew 26:28 NIV.

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