God's Hands


The Editor

by: Dana Huffman

I was told at a writer's conference that everyone needs an editor. I didn't like that idea, because I didn't want anyone interfering with the way I express myself. Nevertheless when I began writing "Touch Points" I made two decisions. One, I would submit each article to my husband for criticism and advice. Two, I would do my best to understand and receive his counsel without getting defensive. Why? I completely trusted my husband's judgment. I knew that he had my best interest in mind. I also knew that he desired for people to hear and understand the truth about God. I realize that I have blind spots and weaknesses as a writer. Sometimes I don't give enough detail, sometimes I give too much. I am easily over dramatic or melodramatic. Sometimes I try to make five points when it's best to make one. And, my punctuation is poor. When my husband first started editing my work my feelings would get hurt, but I pressed on because I wanted to get better at my job. I wanted to help others learn more about God, and I didn't want my shortcomings to interfere.

Everyone can use an editor, Timothy had Paul, Elisha had Elijah, and David had Nathan. Everyone can use someone with a little more knowledge in an area where they struggle, yet desire to grow. Everyone can use someone they trust to guide them in becoming a better worker, parent, spouse, or Christian. Having an editor will help you fulfill the purpose God has for you here on this earth. Will you share a piece of yourself with someone you admire and trust? Will you ask them for counsel and be open to their suggestions?

"Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ." Ephesians 5:21 NIV

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