The Listener

What If You Could Hear What God Hears?

The Listener is a Christian fiction book written by Terry Blackstock.

Sam Bennett has a dream and hears the voice of God. Upon waking, Sam can hear the deepest spiritual needs of those around him as though they were talking to him. After wrestling with this his pastor helps him see how he can use this new gift to introduce these people to Jesus.

The main message behind this fictional book - the real gift, our gift, is to just listen to the needs of those around us and that we are all seeking Jesus Christ.

The Listener is very inspirational and also convicting. This book may just make you want to drive to the mall or bus station and start talking to people about Jesus. It is very entertaining and I had a hard time putting this book down.

The message at the end is great. We are all seeking Jesus Christ and those that already know Him all desire to bear fruit like Christ. We all have this desire and gift.

I think every Christian will enjoy this book.

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