The Oath

An Ancient Sin. An Ancient Oath. A Town With A Deadly Secret…

The Oath is authored by Frank Peretti and is a fictional story about sin and deceit in a small northwestern town.

The Oath is about a man whose brother has been killed while camping with his wife in a northwest wilderness area. The killing is suspicious and “blamed” on a grizzly bear. As the man’s brother begins to look into the killing he runs into roadblocks in the small valley town that seems to be hiding something. This small town has a long held secret and long held sin that began over a century ago and the secrets are still held. The dead man’s brother, along with a local sheriff’s deputy and one local man try to solve his brother’s death.

This story is fictional and taken on face value could be a little hard to swallow and seem outlandish, but the overriding idea of sin taking root in people and dragging them deeper into death is strictly Biblical.

The Oath is not chock full of plot twists but it does keep you guessing what will happen next and surely was able to keep drawing me along. This book was another one that was hard to put down.

If you like good Christian fiction with a good message dividing good and evil then you will surely enjoy this book.

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