The Path

The Path is written by Laurie Beth Jones who also wrote another book I enjoyed titled Jesus Entrepreneur. After re-reading Jesus Entrepreneur I purchased The Path to see if I could create a mission statement for my work and life.

This book is probably not for everyone although it probably should be for everyone. I suppose I need to explain this. This is a book that helps you create a mission and vision statement for your life, but I’m sure that there are many who do not believe they need to create a statement for their life. If you are breezing your way through life and serving God feeling that you are doing exactly what He created you for then you are doing fine. On the other hand, if you feel there should be more to life, then creating a mission statement, or at least thinking about your mission statement, could help you get to that point. A quote from the book states, “When I encounter teachers who are constantly complaining or meet housewives who are bitter, I quickly conclude that they are not following their divinely ordained mission. Perhaps they are following their economically ordained mission, or their culturally ordained mission, but they can’t be following their divinely ordained mission, because bees hum while they work---they don’t whine.”

Along with finding your mission statement the second part of the book helps you fulfill you mission. The author includes case studies from the Bible to demonstrate people with simple mission statements that achieved great things as well as her personal case history and the effect her personal mission statement has had on her life.

If you are interested in pursuing a personal mission statement for your life this book is a very interesting one that will help guide you in that direction.

The chapters include the following:

Three Elements of a Good Mission Statement
Eleven False Assumptions about Missions
Forming a Sense of Mission
Who Are You?
Personalities with a Past
The Power of Positive Prophecy
Finding Your USP
Looking at Your Gifts – Today
Your Passion Is Your Power
Creating the Vision Statement
Sustaining Creative Tension
The Eight Action Steps to Success
Case Studies – Nehemiah, Joan of Arc, Queen Esther, Joseph, Moses, Ruth
Pitfalls and Potholes

The Path

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