The Walk

Reflections of life and faith on the Appalachian Trail.

Husband and wife Randy Motz and Georgia Harris completed the 2,175 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trial. The Walk chronicles many of their experiences and how these experiences relate to our Christian walk.

I'll have to admit that I did not have high hopes for this book. Yes, two people walk the Appalachian Trail and write a book about it. How interesting could that be? Well, it was fascinating how this book fit into my life. A co-worker has walked all but the Maine portion of the Trail and had talked with me about some of his experiences. I am also someone who enjoys the outdoors and I enjoy reading good Christian material. My skepticism soon turned to enjoyment after reading the first few pages of the book. The combination of the stories of their trail experiences and the parallels with the Christian faith were very interesting and enjoyable.

An interesting thing that they reveal is how their thru-hike actually changed their life after the hike was over. Sometimes I wonder if God wants us to go through journeys that will change how we look at our life. It may not be a 2,175 mile hike, but do we all have journeys we go through or should we seek out a journey of some kind to give us time to hear what God has to say to us.

I would recommend The Walk to any hiking enthusiast or any Christian, it is an very interesting book that just may bring new meaning to your life.

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