The Way of the Wild Heart

The Way of the Wild Heart is written by John Eldredge who also wrote Wild at Heart as well as several other books. Growing on the ideas in Wild at Heart Eldridge, in this book, takes on this process of how to become a man.

The inside book cover states: Now, in The Way of the Wild Heart, Eldredge turns to a vital, more urgent question: how to become a man. Using biblical imagery from the lives of David and Jesus, ancient ritual, and popular media, Eldredge explores the six stages of a man's life: Beloved son, Cowboy, Warrior, Lover, King and Sage.

I thought that Wild at Heart was an excellent book. On the other hand The Way of the Wild Heart did not inspire me to the same extent as the previous offering. Maybe it is because I grew up in a good family but much of the process did not seem to be what I was looking for. On the other hand as a father of a son, I did find much of the book instructional for raising my son and it also explained some of the things that I have noticed while raising him to this point. It also made me think about the reasons we men do some of the things that we do.

I believe that this book will reach men in different ways depending on their upbringing and whether they have sons of their own. Although this book did not rise to the top of my best read list could be just the book that many men are looking for.

Chapter titles include:
The Masculine Journey
True Son of a True Father
Raiding the Beloved Son
Raising the Cowboy
Sam’s Year
Raising the Warrior
Raising the Lover
Raising the King
Let Us Be Intentional

The Way of the Wild Heart

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