Third Day
Come Together

Come Together is another good CD by Third Day. We have become pretty big Third Day fans in general especially since both my wife and I like their music. It is music that has enough to it to satisfy a rock fan like myself and yet doesn't scare off my wife who caters more to the contemporary style.

Like all of their other CD's this is another worship in your truck CD with excellent Christian lyrics.

My favorite song on the CD is Show Me Your Glory.

"Show me your glorySend down your presenceI want to see your faceShow me you gloryMajesty shines about youI can't go on without you, Lord"

I also like Still Listening. This song reminds us to listen for God's whisper. We are waiting for the shout when he has been whispering to us all along.

"I thought I'd hear you shoutBut then I figured it outThat all along you're whispering to me"

The last song, Nothing Compares, is also an excellent song.

This CD is a good CD for any Third Day fan or someone who is looking for good Christian music that lies somewhere between hard and soft.

Song Titles Include:

Come Together
40 Days
Show Me Your Glory
Get On
My Heart
It's Alright
Still Listening
I Got You
I Don't Know
When The Rain Comes
Sing Praises
Nothing Compares

Come Together

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