Third Day Offerings A Worship Album

Third Day Offerings A Worship Album was the first CD from Third Day that I purchased. We were at church family camp and I thought that it might be a good addition to my Christian CD collection.

I had heard the song King Of Glory, the first song on the CD, on a WOW CD that a friend from work had given to me to listen to. This song struck a chord with me and I thought that Third Day might be a good band to listen to.

Although Third Day isn’t quite the hard grinding rock in the Skillet or 12 Stones mold, they have a sort of southern rock style with good guitar work and the Christian lyrics are great. There is absolutely no doubt that this CD is Christian music. The lyrics leave nothing open to interpretation.

Of course there is no rapping or screaming on this CD. This music would be good worship music and I have heard it used on limited occasions. I would gladly join a service that included Third Day tunes as the worship music.

Third Days' Offerings A Worship Album and their other CDs that I now own are all good worship service in my truck CDs.

Although not my favorite song on the CD, you have to listen to Thief. It is a song from the perspective of the thief hanging on the cross next to Jesus. It is a powerful song, you know the lyrics.

The style of Offerings A Worship Album and each of the Third Day CDs is in between the hard rock that I usually prefer and the softer music like Mercy Me. When my wife rides with me she always requests Third Day.

I would recommend Offerings A Worship Album to almost anyone. It is my opinion that their style spans a wide range of music tastes.

Songs on the CD include:

King Of Glory
These Thousand Hills
Your Love Oh Lord
Agnus Dei/Worthy
My Hope Is You
You’re Everything
Consuming Fire
All The Heavens
Love Song
An Extra Song

You can purchase Third Day Offerings A Worship Album here.

Third Day Offerings A Worship Album

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