Thirsty For God

Thirsty For God is the second book in an omnibus edition of titles written by Stephen Gaukroger. Also included in this book are Hunger For Holiness and Growing Your Gifts.

I really enjoyed reading Thirsty For God. Hunger For Holiness is the first title in the book and I didn’t place it as one of the top books that I have read although it was spiritually on the mark. This book, on the other hand, held my attention very well.

Thirsty For God is about what the title says, living your life with a thirst for God. The book includes chapters on living a life pleasing to God based on biblical principles. These chapters include those situations we run into most in life. Going to church and meeting God is one thing, living our life alongside God each and every day is another.

I particularly liked the following paragraph from the chapter titled A New Thirst For God. It includes the following:“Jesus’ call to true spirituality is not a call to spend every minute of the day seeking God in prayer and reading the Bible. It is a call to make God the number one priority in our lives, and when that happens all these other things – watching films, going out, as well as prayer and Bible reading – will fall into place. When our overall aim in life is to please God and serve him, we’ll soon discover that there are actually many, many ways in which he wants us to work that out in practice. God loves it when we spend time with our families! He is honored when we are caring for them, enjoying their company and being happy with them. And we’ll find that he provides us with the time for recreation and relaxation, as well as for the hard work needed in the kingdom of God.”

I also like the fifth chapter titled Pure In Heart. It is about marriage and divorce and is very interesting. The author breaches subjects here that most tread lightly around.

In general I liked this entire book and recommend it for anyone who is Thirsty For God.

The chapters in Thirsty For God Include the following:

A new approach to life
A new thirst for God
Salt and light
Playing by the rules
Pure in heart
A transparent life
Handling the pressure
Ultimate commitment
Sound judgment
Building on solid ground

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Thirsty For God

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