Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch Rock Band

Phenomenon is a good rock/alternative CD by the rock band Thousand Foot Krutch. This CD doesn’t have any songs that are spectacular but it is a CD full of good decent rock.

Thousand Foot Krutch is a basic guitar and drum heavy band with a little of the new alternative sound. They do not have God coming through heavily in the songs, it’s more subtle.

I’ve seen Thousand Foot Krutch compared to Pillar and POD. I would say that they are a little more mainstream rock than those two bands even though there are definitely similarities. I wouldn’t hesitate to place TFK in with the Kutless/12 Stones/GS Megaphone sound. It’s not for those that tend to prefer the easier listening Christian music.

I can’t say I have a favorite song on the CD but on the other hand there isn’t a song that I don’t like either. The CD doesn’t trail off towards the end as some do. The last song is just as good as the first.

It seems that the song that got the most attention form this CD was Rawkfist. That’s interesting but out of all of the songs on the CD I wouldn’t have rated this song as the best, but you never know what others are looking for. I can see Rawkfist going over big blaring through loudspeakers to a football stadium though.

If you like rock/alternative music similar to the bands mentioned above then Phenomenon is for you.

Song titles on Phenomenon include:
Step To Me
Last Words
This Is A Call
Faith, Love and Happiness
I Climb
New Design
Break The Silence

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TFK Phenomenon

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