After hearing Third Day's first worship album I bought Time. I figured that I couldn't go wrong and I was right. Time is full of good old Christian southern rock just like I had hoped.

As I have mentioned in the reviews of other Third Day CD's their music should appeal to a wide audience. It is a southern rock style that is not too hard nor too soft. It has enough guitar and drum work to keep someone like me listening and yet is light enough for the softer contemporary people to enjoy.

The CD is full of good songs, there are no skipped songs on this one.

The great Christian lyrics will keep you listening, another worship service in you truck CD.

Some of the favorites from the worship CD's are on Time. They are excellent songs. Your Love Oh Lord is always one of my favorites.

Can’t Take the Pain is a very good song that seems to come from Peter's point of view after the crucifixion and resurrection. This is a powerful and moving song.

The last song, Give, is a great song. They certainly didn't put the weak song last. I like the way the song seems to build momentum as it goes. This is a real good song.

Although this CD has been out for a few years now, I would recommend it highly. All ten songs are worth the listen.

The song titles on the CD include:
I’ve Always Love You
Took My Place
Never Bow Down
Your Love, Oh Lord (Psalm 36)
Don’t Say Goodbye
What Good
Can’t Take the Pain
Sky Falls Down

You can read more reviews and purchase Time here.

Third Day Time

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