To Live Is Christ
Beth Moore

Embracing The Passion Of Paul

To Live Is Christ written by Beth Moore is a journey through the life of the apostle Paul.

The book is divided into 50 Chapters that are divided into ten sections. Each chapter is a short bible study in the chronological order of Paul's life.

Some of the chapters delve more into the background of Paul and the context of first century Judaism and Christianity while others more closely resemble Bible studies taken from the writings of Paul and Luke. To Live Is Christ also gives us a closer look at the personality of Paul which I found very interesting.

My favorites were those chapters that detailed the scripture and life of Paul in context with the times. I'm always amazed and feel I come away with a better understanding of Biblical scripture when I learn the first century setting in which it was written. It was very interesting learning the Jewish customs and practices in which Paul would have grown up. This information sheds much more light on who Paul was.

One of my favorite quotes comes from chapter 40: "When we continue to resist what God has for us, we may cripple our ability to understand how the pieces of our puzzle fit together. We will constantly single out our experiences rather than understand them as parts of a whole. The things we go through may never make any sense to us. Preachers and teachers may tell us God is at work in our lives; but, although we physically hear, we have little ability to understand. Although we will not understand everything until we see Christ face-to-face, God often blesses us by letting many things make sense during our lifetimes. Most things I've encountered eventually made sense as I developed a more cooperative spirit and a greater understanding of God's purposes. Many of those experiences still hurt, but I find comfort in seeing their eventual usefulness as parts of the whole. You might think of the process this way: God is faithfully putting a puzzle together in each life so that the final picture will resemble Christ. If we continue to resist this further work, we will be less likely to see the pieces fit."

To Live Is Christ is a very interesting book for both those who like Bible studies and those who like to learn about first century life.

The ten sections of chapters include:
The First Footprints
Finding The Way
Miles And Missions
Unexpected Sojourners And Wider Paths
An Unfamiliar Road
Travel Ties And Hard Good-Byes
A Walk Of Faith
The Pathway To Rome
Letters Bridging The Miles
Going Home

To Live Is Christ

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