God's Hands



by: Dana Huffman

Everyone touched by Jesus is changed.

A demon possessed man was living in some tombs. He was known for running around naked, scaring people, and cutting himself with stones. When Jesus touched his life he put clothes on and went into town speaking words of life.

A blind beggar was dependant on others for his needs. When Jesus touched his eyes he set down his begging cup-- a tool from an old way of living. He would see and do things in a new light.

A man was stuck for most of his life. He lay lame by a pool that was his long shot hope for help. At Jesus command he got up from that spot. He had places to go and new legs to get him there-- things to do that he had dreamed of.

There was a prostitute who thought she was valuable only for shameful things. Jesus touched her life and she fell down in worship at his feet-an act of pure love. Jesus called what she did for him "beautiful" and declared it the thing for which she would always be remembered.

Everyone touched by Jesus is changed.

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