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Avid Christian is glad to offer articles from Dana Huffman.

Dana Huffman lives in a rural Kentucky community where she writes “Touchpoints” for her local paper. Through “Touchpoints” Dana hopes to offer people a fresh revelation of who God is and nudge them to connect with Him through Jesus. Dana is married to Jake who she met while teaching school in Africa.

We think you will enjoy the articles.

Training Tips

Your Joy Will Come

Taste Of Heaven


Peace of Mind

Huddle Up

Pass The Salt Please

Faith Break It Down

Why I Don't Believe In Evolution


Can I Really Hear From God? Part 1

Take A Hearing Test - Can I Really Hear From God? Part 2

The Bus Stop

The Stairway To Heaven

Trusting His Shield

Chicken Little

As Smart As A Rock

A Door Of Hope

Knitting a Shark a Sweater

Straight to the Throne

Live Strong

The Editor


The Last Shall Be First

Having Doubts?

Where Butterflies Come From

Ethel's Wait

Buckle Up

Are You Superstitious

What About The Gaps

The Cure

Unto Us

Perfectly Knit


New Situations

His Whisper

Fingerprints Of God

Faith Training

Confessions of a Know It All

God's Treasure Box

The Pathway To Healing

Even When It Hurts

I Do

Manna From Heaven

Debt-Free Living

The New Diet Plan

Love Is A Wonderful Thing

You Shall Be Called

High Ways of God