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Training Tips

by Dana Huffman

While training to run in a 5K I discovered these things about running the race of faith:

1. Just take the first step each day. Our 5k race director said this about training, "The hardest step is the first step out the door." He said if we put on our running gear and got ourselves out the door the rest would come. We may not "feel like" we can walk in faith each day, but if we will take one step into what God has called us to, the rest will come.

2. It's best to follow some guidelines. I was given a beginners training chart to follow for my race. I followed it because I believed it would build me up in the right way. And I believed it would strengthen me for what was to come. It did. If we learn about and follow the guidelines in God's word we will be built up in the right way spiritually. We will be putting God's word "in the bank" of our heart. Down the road, we will have the strength of that word to call on.

3. You really can go farther than you think. Some days when I went out to run, I did not feel I could do what was required. Especially when the times and distances increased. Sometimes I was truly surprised by what I was able to do. When we live faithful to God's way and put ourselves out there for Him each day, He will enable us to go the distance. He will grace us to handle more than we thought possible.

4. You can run through pain. I've always had trouble with side aches. My philosophy was, if pain hit, I quit. This time I decided that I would try to keep running, no matter what, no matter how slow. It was a revelation for me to learn that I could actually run in pain. In our faith race we are likely to encounter hurt of some kind. It will help if we decide beforehand that we will press on, no matter what, no matter how slow.

5. Praise God every day. I don't have an impressive or athletic body by this world's standards. But at times during my workouts I found that I was grateful for the body I had, grateful that I was alive and walking and running around outside. We are happier when we remember and rejoice over what God has given us.

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