Waking Lazarus

He’s Died Three Times. Is He Finally Ready to Truly Live?

Waking Lazarus is the debut offering from writer T.L. Hines.

Waking Lazarus is about a man who has died and then come back to life three times who has run from the popularity that this has caused. The only problem is that God has also given him a gift that he doesn’t want.

This was a very good book. The way the main character deals with his God given gift is a reminder to us all that we too have gifts that we shouldn’t run from. We must use these gifts.

This is a great book for leading you through a great fictional story with twists and turns all the while sending a message for your own life. It was a real page turner that was very hard to put down.

I highly recommend Waking Lazarus.

Waking Lazarus

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