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What About The Gaps

By: Dana Huffman

I flew to Denver excited about babysitting my ten month old niece. Even though I have no children and little experience with babies my heart was full of love and I intended to do a perfect job. My first day babysitting I picked up the phone to make a call and the antennae caught in a wine glass hanging on the cabinet. Before I knew it the wine glass fell into a ceramic dish and both items broke. Chalk one up for the perfect babysitter. Later that day my niece was eating an animal cracker and I thought she was gagging. Alarmed I stuck my finger in her mouth and tried to get it out. Of course that made matters worse. What was I thinking? My niece ended up in tears and I felt awful.

How would my niece survive the week with me for a baby sitter? How could my good intentions have gone so awry? That day I was acutely aware of the fact that I was not enough. Even with good intentions and love in my heart I was not enough. I needed someone to stand in the gap. Someone to be there filling in the holes of my faulty performances.

Jesus stands in the gap. He came because we fell short. At Calvary He paid for our sins and filled the big gap between us and God. Now He lives to show up in our weaknesses. The bible says that Jesus lives to intercede for us. That means Jesus is alive to help us out. He has God's ear on our behalf. He filled the big gap. He can fill the little ones. Ask him.

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