WOW Worship CD's

One of my first introductions into Christian music was a WOW Worship CD that a friend let me listen to. The first song on it was King of Glory by Third Day which helped me realize there was very good Christian rock available.

That CD also contained Hands And Feet by Audio Adrenaline who have become one of my favorite Christian bands.

The WOW CD's are an excellent way to get exposed to some of the popular Christian music that is available. If you are unsure what music to buy you might start with one of the WOW CD's to start looking for bands.

The WOW Worship CD's have usually had the lighter rock along with many other contemporary Christian musicians. The heavier rock was generally not well represented on them although starting in 2004 they started representing rock with 12 Stones and Kutless and WOW Hits 2005 includes Kutless and Pillar.

There are also other "best of" or compilation CD's, some geared to rock only. I have two that I have used to help me find other bands. One is called Rock On Christian and the other is Sonic Fuel Higher Octane Rock. Even if you don't find music that suits your taste on these CD’s, you will find out what many of the various bands do sound like. It can at least eliminate bands that you do not like the sound of.

These compilation CD's are often not expensive, especially considering the number of songs they contain.

If you are still unsure what bands or style of Christian music may fit your style, even after reading a fine web site like this one, give one of these "best of" CD's a try.

Check out the WOW Worship and WOW Hits CD's here.

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