You Shall Be Called

by: Dana Huffman

For as long as I can remember I have had a problem. Fear. I think I was born afraid. I have been afraid of the water, afraid of shots, afraid of snakes, afraid to fly, afraid of illness, afraid of tight spaces, afraid to fail, afraid to die, afraid of what people think, afraid of pain, afraid of the future. You might have called me "chicken."

Simon, one of Jesus followers, also had a problem. He was unpredictable. You never knew what he would do. In the bible we see Simon ready to die with Jesus and cutting off a soldier's ear to prove it, one minute, then denying that he knows Jesus the next. You might have called Simon unstable. But, Jesus loved Simon and saw who he would become. That's why Jesus gave Simon a new name. He called him Peter which means "rock." And although Peter had once been unsteady he became exactly the kind of person Jesus declared him to be, a rock-- strong and unshakeable.

What's your hang up? What word defines you? Worried. Helpless. Addicted. Jesus loves you and desires to give you a new name. The worried He calls peaceful. The helpless he calls able. The addicted he calls free. And me? I think he is calling me fearless. Fearless. I like that.

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