You're All Right...By God

You're All Right…By God is a heart felt plea from the author to those who are lost to come to God to find their peace and rest. After experiencing a life away from God the author has found Him and her purpose in life after wandering in a God-less void and wants help others experience this same transformation.

The first chapter includes entries from the authors own journal as she struggled to believe in and accept God. These writings are a window into the soul of a struggling new believer. This look into her struggles is very enlightening.

You're All Right...By God is full of Bible scripture to back up each point. In many instances the author uses scripture to make the point rather than trying to come up her own alternative wording to explain the Word itself. Sometimes there is no substitute for the scripture.

One thing that Fawn Sells talks about several times and stresses is finding and doing what God has made you for. Maybe it is because I share her views on this that it stood out to me. I, like the author, feel that God has given each of us certain abilities and desires that we can use for his glory and we will be blessed when we do this.

If you have happened onto this site and you are questioning whether or not God is listening and if He will accept you with all of your baggage then this book is for you. For those that are already walking with God the book is re-affirmation of His acceptance of us as we stumble through the pitfalls of life.

The chapters include the following:

You Are Not Alone
The New Journey Begins
Becoming True To Yourself
God Already Knows You; Get To Know Him
Learning To Pray, Trust And Be Humbled
God’s Plan
Wisdom, Love And Instruction
What’s Missing?
Being Free From Your Past
Welcome To Your Future

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